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Explore our comprehensive Resource Center, housing valuable materials such as flyers, videos, masterclass recordings, and more. This carefully curated toolkit is your go-to source for all the essential information on the Knock Bridge Loan, tailored to homebuyers, agents, and lenders.

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Marketing Materials

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Elevate your Knock Bridge Loan knowledge with informative flyers, videos, email templates, social media assets, and other resources. Our marketing materials are designed to deliver engaging information for homebuyers and drive conversions for agents and lenders. Partners can generate more deals by co-branding our flyers with their contact information.

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Knock Case Study: Homebuyer makes non-contingent offer and saves $600/month

This case study showcases how Stephanie, a homebuyer, collaborated with her Loan Officer to leverage the Knock Bridge Loan, enabling her to make a non-contingent offer and save $600 per month by paying off existing debt. This solution not only secured her dream home but also provided extra funds for moving expenses, offering newfound financial stability and peace of mind.


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How the Knock Bridge Loan Works

This animated explainer video showcases how the Knock Bridge Loan empowers individuals to leverage the equity in their current home to purchase their next one. Gain insights into how the Knock Bridge Loan works, what you can use the Bridge Loan for, and how it enhances competitiveness, convenience, and certainty in the home buying and selling journey!


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Knock Eligibility Flyer

Share this eligibility breakdown of the Knock Bridge Loan™ with your partners and clients. Simplify the guidelines for consumers and their property to help you start them on their purchase journey faster, and with more certainty.

Knock in the News

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Stay up-to-date with the latest Knock and real estate industry news.

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WKRN TV 1 - Nashville Housing Market News Segment with Sean Black, Knock CEO

Curious about Nashville’s Spring market outlook? Sean broke it down on a recent appearance on WKRN News 2 in the video below.


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Arc 1 - Seattle Housing Market News Segment with Sean Black, Knock CEO

What does the Seattle housing market look like right now? Knock CEO and Co-Founder Sean Black broke it down with Holly Menino and Kelly Koopmans during a recent appearance on KOMO News. They covered it all from inventory and home pricing to when the market will relent for first-time homebuyers.


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KDVR TV - Denver Housing Market News Segment with Sean Black, Knock CEO

Sean Black joined Fox 31 Denver to talk about the ever-changing real estate market and what trends the Denver market can expect. The good news for buyers in Denver? 📈 Home inventory is TWICE the national average 📉 Home prices are DOWN


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Tune in to insightful interviews featuring pioneers in the real estate and lending industries, including our Date the Rate series with Knock CEO & Co- founder Sean Black.

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Date The Rate Interview with Sean Black and Tina Konidaris

Follow along as Sean Black (Knock Co-founder & CEO) and Tina Konidaris (NFM Lending Originator) discuss valuable insights into the lending industry and how it's changed over time. Their advice highlights the reality that success in this field requires effort and a sincere commitment to serving the community and partners.


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Date the Rate: Sean Black and Oleg Tkach

Sean Black, CEO & Co-founder of Knock, sits down with Oleg Tkach, Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer at NFM Lending, to dive deeper into his strategies within the lending industry. They explore topics such as adapting to changes, expanding operations across states, continuous prospecting, managing market fluctuations, and fostering teamwork for ongoing success. Oleg also highlights Knock as a pivotal tool in the lending market and shares insights on incorporating the Knock Bridge Loan into his business.


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Date the Rate: Sean Black and Justus Sharp

Sean Black, CEO of Knock, talks with Justus Sharp, Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator at NFM Lending, about his extensive experience in Ohio's mortgage industry since 2007, particularly in Columbus's thriving real estate market. They delve into proactive strategies, data-driven decisions, and the importance of prioritizing growth and learning in a competitive environment.

Webinar & Masterclass Assets

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Explore our library of recorded videos and presentations offering valuable tips, strategies, practical guidance, and insights from industry experts.

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Masterclass Video: Bridge Loan Success Stories

Hear real stories from clients who have used Knock Bridge Loan to buy and sell. One of our own Knockstars who joined to tell their own story of using Knock to purchase their home.


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Masterclass Video: Pitching Knock to Your Clients

Learn how to seamlessly pitch the game changing Knock Bridge Loan, empowering your clients with the flexibility to buy before they sell. Discover strategies to overcome objections and successfully explain the client journey.


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Masterclass Video: Marketing Best Practices

Tips on how to effectively market yourself in the real estate and lending space, and when partnering with Knock!

Live Webinars

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Knock Masterclass: Bridge Loan Success Stories

Learn to maximize your clients home equity funds by utilizing the Bridge Loan at 0% interest for 6 months.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

5:00pm UTC

Knock Lending LLC
309 East Paces Ferry Rd NE, Suite 400. Atlanta, GA 30305
(866) 996-1695

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