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September 22, 2003

by Jim Knock  Comments

I've started editing the HTML template for this blog. I'm using Fahim, the master's. web site as a kind of starting point. I added a button under the date, changed the border to be larger and brown, and added my picture. I think I'll add another trick that I learned from him:

He put his email address in as #103 #201 ... text. This was so that his email address would not be likely to be automatically harvested. I read that you should never put your email address on a web page. But I hadn't read about or seen that trick before.



by Jim Knock  Comments

September 21, 2003

I Gave Up Playing Hide and Seek with the Spiders

I always assumed that the search engine spiders would chase every link. But, after months, I can't find references in Google to this blog. I decided to submit the blog to a free submit service. FIrst I tried Submit Express. It started and then seemed to freeze. I think it may have worked. If you get here, then it did.

I promised I would put this link on my web site:

Free search engine submission and placement services!

by Jim Knock  Comments

Posted at:September 22, 2003 23:02.22